How to Stop Tire Rubbing on Coilovers

Cheap tire rubbing on coilovers

You might have asked this question several times that how to modify and upgrade your car’s suspension? What are the best ways to add lowering springs or a coilover system?

How to stop tire rubbing on coilover? Cheap tires or not, it depends. There are so many factors that determine what would be the best for your car. Some considerations would be comfort vs performance, longevity, adjust-ability and price. Some car owners do not want to lower their car, but just want to tighten up the suspension and given them added adjustability. 

What are Coilovers?

Coil spring over shock is an automobile suspension device, consist of shock absorber with coil spring around it. A coilover is a mechanical hydraulic device designed to absorb and wet shock whim by converting the kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy which is then loosen. Coilovers come in all shapes and sizes. From sleeve type coilovers to full bodied coilovers for the best adjustability and performance.

Coilover shock is the most critical component to your car but selecting right Coilover is not that easy. Alongside the most regular type of coilovers is the standard equipment on most of the cars, there are also high-performance versions of these. There are three types of Coilovers OEM-style spring-over-shock turnout are based on a normal shock, or stride turnout, that’s surrounded by a coil spring. Such coilovers are usually non-adjustable, and the structure is fixed length. Slip-fit coilovers are slightly more compelling and slightly more complex. These are consist of void threaded tube, usually of aluminum that slips over and sits on the current shock’s perch with the help of the series of nuts, compresses and decompresses its spring to the certain length. On the other side, full body Coilovers replaces the whole factory spring and shows the quality of a threaded shock body for easy control-height adjustments and usually adjustable damping.

Open offsets and extremely lowered rides might be the reason behind the wheel rubbing. Almost everyone experiences rubbing problems. Wheels rubbing are a problem with second-hand wheels as well. If a car is rubbing, one need to either raise your car or get stiffer springs so that car do not rub when going over the bumps.

If you want to avoid tire rubbing with the coilovers, then full coilover system will give your car good suspension or raise your car’s height and get a proper set of coilovers.

Benefits of Coilovers

  • Adjustable According to Your Need: A car with the lower center of gravity will handle better credit to reduced roll and more even load on tires.
  • Adjust Damping: Many cars with the factory version do not have this ability, so if you want to damp according to the different environment then coilovers are the solution.
  • Reduce Body Lift: Second hand coilovers for road-based vehicles always have stiffer spring rates, reduced body turns and lifts. Coilover is the good idea to maintain good suspension.

You might have heard a common issue that coilover rubbing wheels. A proper installation from a good technician can solve the issue and you get all the benefits as well. Happy driving!